Our Story

Meet the CRIMPiT founders Ian & Mike

We often get asked, how did you come up with the idea for the CRIMPiT? Well, Ian's son is an elite swimmer and needed a high protein low carb snack three times per week at 4am before training.

Making peanut butter and banana toasties using Thins at 4am was quite a challenge. This is when the CRIMPiT idea came to mind.

Late 2020 Mike joined the team bringing 20 years of marketing and business experience to help grow the product they both loved.

It took two years of hard work to get the product to market. From launching at the end of 2021 the CRIMPiT is now in over 350,000 homes worldwide.

Thanks again to all our amazing customers for your support.

Mike and Ian, Founders of CRIMPiTTortilla filled with chicken and salad. CRIMPiT Tortilla Sealer behind the tortilla.
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Crimpit Wrap Recipe Shot 2 800x800.webp__PID:8144bb69-0cb7-4c63-8f5d-ff98bd132560
Mike&Ian american version 600x600.webp__PID:2ebffe3f-c769-4081-84bb-690cb7fc63cf

Our Mission

Our mission is to disrupt the snack market. We want to change the way people make snacks at home. Through our constant innovation and new product launches we aim to provide fun products for the whole family that also allow for healthier eating choices to be made without compromising on taste.

Only Limited By Your Imagination

A cooked tortilla with a side of salad and rice
A snack filled with bacon, ham, lettuce and tomato
A tortilla with crispy chicken and salad
A snack with calamari and sweet chilli sauce
A toasted snack filled with spinach and artichoke
Two CRIMPiT Tortillas
A toasted snack filled with strawberries and blueberries
A tortilla filled with chicken and spinach
A tortilla filled with meat, mustard and ketchup
A snack with banana, biscuit and sauce topped with whipped cream
Image of a toasted snack with beef, tomato sauce and onions
Image of snack filled with bacon, lettuce and tomato
A tortilla that has been sealed by the CRIMPiT Tortilla Sealer
A tortilla filled with sausage, egg and cheese
A snack with shrimp salad
A snack with ham and cheese
Three images. One image is of a tortilla in the CRIMPiT Tortilla Sealer. Other images are of the cooked tortilla.
A tortilla filled with chicken and a fried egg
A cooked tortilla served with salad
A cooked tortilla in an air fryer
A snack filled with chilli beef, chips and cheese
A tortilla in the CRIMPiT Tortilla Sealer
A tortilla filled with egg, cheese and mushrooms
A 'sausage calzone' toasted snack with sausage and pepperoni filling