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Love your Crimpit toastie maker or your money back guaranteed

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How it works

  • Place a slice of thin bread in the base
  • Add your favourite ingredients
  • Place a slice of thin bread on the top
  • Press down with the CRIMPiT lid to crimp your snack
  • Take out the crimped parcel and pop your CRIMPiT snack into the toaster, under the grill, in the air fryer or dry fry in a pan
  • When ready eat and enjoy

Love your Crimpit toastie maker or your money back guaranteed

Buy Now £9.99 RRP £14.99. On sale today just £9.99.

What people are saying

Lauren Deanne Warden facebook icon recommends CRIMPiT
2 weeks ago facebook icon

FIVE STARS 💛 – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I was scrolling Facebook last week and came across a post advertising this wee gadget – a CRIMPiT – I’m a sucker for a gadget 💁🏻‍♀️ and 99% of the time they turn out to be a gimmic!

Being a big fan of Warburtons thins but not liking a floppy sarnie (and those things can flop around and lose you a hella lot of filling sometimes) I thought I’d give this one a whirl… I was skeptical because I thought theres no way two half’s of the thin would stay sealed whilst it toasted without some sort of foodie glue i.e.. egg or milk… WELL LET ME TELL YOU it arrived yesterday and this Lunchtime I’ve used it for the first time… OMG IM OBSESSED!

Please excuse the photos, I was trying to snap quick pics so I could get to eating it 🤣 but it’s frikkin’ amazing!! I’d think it would definitely go down a treat with the kiddos! I went for Ham & Cheese, it warns you not to over-fill but I got more than enough in there! You don’t even have to toast it, just eat it as a little sarnie parcel with no flopping or lossage of filling!! 😘👌🏼

A-MAZING! 😄 – I am no way affiliated to this company by the way, just appreciate a bit of genius! – Thank you CRIMPiT & bravo 👏🏼

Eden Wells facebook icon recommends CRIMPiT
last month facebook icon

Great product, so easy to use and made a fantastic lunch (I had cheese and Quorn ham in mine). We also tried them with Nutella and strawberries/bananas which was amazing 🤩

Stacey Coxall facebook icon recommends CRIMPiT
2 weeks ago facebook icon

I’ve never really brought a product I’ve seen advertised on Facebook before but when I seen this I just had to buy it. its such a neat little gadget for the kitchen! I finally tried it out today and had (maybe an odd filling to most) mashed potato and gravy. Popped it in the oven (you can use a toaster as well!) and it was such a nice snack 😋 my dad is looking forward to trying it out tomorrow with some cheese and whatever else he has in the fridge to make a lunchtime snack.

Hannah Oldfield facebook icon recommends CRIMPiT
yesterday facebook icon

Never eaten so many toasties in a week! Gone are the days of spending ages scrubbing a toastie maker while you wait for your molten lava cheese to cool to a bearable temp… my CRIMPiT is so easy to use, I can toast them to a temperature I want and then there’s minimal washing up at the end. I was skepticism at first and thought I’d end up with a cheesy bean mess at the bottom of my toaster but they’ve stayed solidly together every time. I even make them before work and then pop them in the toaster at lunch time. Would 100% recommend the CRIMPiT to anyone! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Instant low calorie toasties

The CRIMPiT seals in the ingredients of your choice and allows you to pop the crimped snack in the toaster… for that hot toastie experience.

Whether that is the nation’s favourite cheese and onion toastie, or maybe a protein packed breakfast using peanut butter and banana, the choices are endless.

Designed especially to work with low calorie “thins” bread it makes them great for you too, perfect if you are looking for more ways to eat more healthily.

Recipes Ideas

Marshmallow & Dark Choc

Egg & Bacon

Leftover Spag Bol

Mac & Cheese

Ham & Cheese

Spinach & Feta

Strawberry Delight

Vegemite & Cheese

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